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If you can/don't mind. :)

But other than that... I was going through my older posts earlier, and... I just realized how fucking stupid I was. Still am, really.
I mean... What the hell was I thinking in writing some of the things I wrote?

"I'm a vampire, take me seriously?"

"Breaking Dawn was a fantastic read?"

Among other things my college fried brain can't recall right now?

(ohya by the way I'm in college now, exciting right? xD)

But no, seriously. But I wanted to post soon again here, anyway... I miss LJ. And I still owe some people some things. (You know who you are.) I am in the process on finishing said things... but...

Well, no one told me college was this hard to prepare for and then do, okay? ;3;

Also, sorry for all that link-age up there... it's only supposed to be on the first line, but I can't remove it for whatever reason. D:
Happy Birthday, borderline_mary! I'd jazz up the post for you, but sadly I don't know HTML, and rich text isn't working for me...

So, forgive me. ; 3;

Just know that I send my love and such, and hope you had/are having a wonderful birthday!

So I guess I'm narcoleptic. Sort-of?

But that's not even the exciting part of my news.



I will be getting around to all those messages in my inbox telling me I have friends with new posts in their journals. Cross my heart.

Second, I've finally been getting into things. Meaning, I've been actually filling out apps for college and shit. Scholarships, too, of course, PLENTY of scholarships, but also apps. I got my first response today, and it was an acceptance letter to one of my top three choices. :D I was waving my arms around and moving my body in a circular motion squealing "YAAAAY" loud enough for the puppies to hear. DJ started barking. I'm assuming it was both of them bouncing around in the kennel; it sounds more intense than if it were just one of them. My excitement seeped through the walls out to the puppies, exciting them so much that they couldn't contain themselves.

Or they just wanted out so they could pee and such.

Number three, I trekked a mile just so I could sweep glass off the road today, because I'm such a psychotic not to mention stupid nice person. Yes. It was actually kind of thrilling, because I played a game which consisted of me leaping to the side dramatically whenever cars happened to be coming. I felt like I was in the Matrix. Minus the slow motion. But then I realized my brother was following me, so that made it a tad embarrassing. But we were saved the trouble of having to walk the mile back. My dad was coming home just as I was finishing up. He wasn't to thrilled, and told I should have just pushed the glass off into the ditch.

Uhm, HELLO? I came out here to clean up litter, not to just move it. Sheesh. As my brother so nicely put it, "You can't just put it out in the grass. The deer will step on it. THEN what?"

But I reminded him that they have hooves.

"Yeah... DELICATE hooves."

I think it's funny he forgot to mention the bunnies and gophers and badgers and 'coons and opossums. But oh well.

Four... hm. Well, I guess I've been reading a lot of blogs lately. Dan Bergstein, Allie Brosh, David Thorne... (I get the feeling I spelled their names wrong, but unfortunately I can't check because blogging websites are blocked for me right now... but not LJ. Things that make you go 'hm'.) But anyway, blogs. Maybe I just enjoy reading about others' lives and experiences... or something. But I always find some of the funniest stuff. I wish I had things that amazing/hilarious/interesting to blog about. But then again... I don't. I do wish I was that funny, though. You may have noticed, but I try desperately hard to be funny. I fail miserably.

Fifth, I'm retaking the ACT this weekend. A bit nervous about that, but my friend Laura is taking it again, too, so we can freak out together at seven thirty in the morning. And then sleep. And then not go to work, because I'm stupid and requested Saturday off when I'm sure something is going to happen and I'll be missing out on MONEY.

Six is afraid of seven because seven eight nine, so six and nine are unavailable right now.

So... seventh? Hm... I could blather on about school again, but who wants to hear that? (Who wants to hear any of this?) I'm doing better in Physics, now, but now for our semester project we have to build an egg launcher.

What the fuck? D: But that's really all for school. Other than I'm procrastinating again. (What else is new?)

Eight's busy chewing on nine, but eight can talk with its mouth full. About the narcoleptic thing. I think the school nurse needs some medical attention herself.

I've been falling asleep in class lately. That... is unusual for me, yes. So I'm sent to the office/nurse.

"So, you've been falling asleep in class a lot lately, huh?"
"Trouble sleeping?"
"Not really...?"
"Are you having... family issues?"
"What? No." What are you, my fucking shrink?
"Do have a lot of stress lately?"
"I... am a senior, ma'am."
"Please, call me Patty."
"Anyway, judging from the symptoms and suddenness, I think you may be narcoleptic. Possibly. Sort-of."
"... What?"
"You can lie down for awhile in the nurse's office or you can go back to class--"
"Okay. Bye."

I'm not even kidding. I wish. I'm pretty sure I had a version of a "WTF?" face on throughout that conversation. But now, I'm trying to contain my giggle fit. Really? Come on. It was like the beginning of a psychoanalysis and then a random subject change because there's was an awkward silence.

I think I'm done. (Although, because of the wonderful Miss Brosh, I'm tempted to draw pictures for this, even though my drawing sucks.

It's way too soon, isn't it?

I mean, we just lost Sora a week ago today, a now a week later we're, bam, thinking of getting another dog? Well, Sky did mention that he already wanted another one THE DAY HE DIED, which I thought was pretty shitty of him. But his excuse was "he feels guilty for not spending more time with the dog". Well, I really doubt that'd change with this one. I really do.

It's even the same breed, this new puppy, and we'd be getting it for free, since the guy my aunt heard from apparently got in over his head, and now he doesn' think he can handle a puppy or something. So this opportunity won't be round too long.

But... I just can't get over the fact that it's way too soon to get another puppy. I mean, we haven't even had Sora's funeral yet that Sky wants. So his little urn filled with ashes is just sitting on the table, reminding me it just happened.

God fucking damn it.

And... I just remembered I hadn't even mentioned that Sora had died on here yet. Well, there's something else, I guess. Geez.

And I guess while typing this, just a second ago, my mom got on the phone with my aunt and we found out the pup's already gone. I'm not sure if I'm happy about this or not.

I'm flattered, really, but WTF? D:

Just went to check my inbox after a couple days, and... sheesh. Story Alerts up the ying-yang, Fav.'d stories left and right, and I swear, a review for almost every story I have up on FF.net.

Now I can understand clicking story alert for unfinished stories, but those little one-shots? Why? THEY WILL NOT BE UPDATED. THEY ARE FINISHED. And that's, apparently, ALL they read of mine; the one-shots! So why story alert it? D: I never understood that. At all.

So while I was very flattered that this person read and reviewed practically all my stuff, it was kind of annoying to sift through. And then, I was hope for some great crit. in the reviews, considering they went through almost everything.

I think the most in depth comment was something along the lines of, "Great job, funny, I liked it."

I shouldn't be complaining that my stories got some attention (not that they deserve it), but after so much time, that's all they get. A brief dusting, not even any Windex. (If you know what I mean.) Although Windex isn't what I'm looking for. I can't think of what the orange stuff is called. D: (I don't quite get why I'm comparing my stories to wood, either, but whatever.)

Hm. I'm not even sure I want to respond to any of those. D: Which I should say thanks, it's only right, but bleh. >P

But besides that! I finally started my summer homework this morning. And that summer homework is reading Dorian Gray, and that summer homework is most likely due next Monday. Possibly Wednesday or Friday. I actually like the story a lot more than I thought I would, but I'm still being forced to read it, so there's still that part of me that's thinking, "Fuck, I hate this book." I hate how I keep putting this shit off, but it's like a nasty habit. Once you do it, there's no turning back, man (like swearing). It's a parasite waiting until you're most vulnerable, and then it sinks it fangs into you.

I also went swimming this summer. :D Can't remember if I mentioned that at one point or not, but if I did, I swam again after that. It feels weird, after so many years, to go swimming again. O: But it was fun, I guess. I just need to get back in the swing of things, so to speak. And Wild Water West is fun, so, duh, I wanna goooo~

I've been getting pretty far into Fullmetal, too. The manga, anyway. They started it over on adultswim. Holy shit, there's some crazy stuff in this story. O: But it's so awesome at the same time.

And I think I'm about done spamming your inboxes (much like mine was this morning, god damn). 8D

HAPPY EARLY B-DAY, fyredancer !! :D

Hope you have a great one!

My mom needs an AA meeting (advice?)

Like numerous times before, my dad came up to me to complain about how "mom's getting bigger from all that beer, that bag wasn't full of beer cans just yesterday and now look at it, she can't even hardly walk--look at her, you should really talk to her about this". Well, gee, dad, I don't see YOU trying to talk to her, either. And no, snide comments about all those beer cans and about her weight do not count. I repeat, DO NOT.

I'm not the most... well, I was going to say 'verbose', but I honestly can't even remember what that means. So maybe not that. But I'm not good at verbally expressing my feelings. Yeah, that. And I have tried to tell my mom that, "your drinking is becoming a problem, and it truly bothers me" but it doesn't seem to be getting through to her. At all. At one point I was debating on threatening suicide to see if, shit, maybe THAT will make her open her eyes, but... I'm not good at that kind-of follow-through-ness, either. That, and it's... drastic, especially after the whole 'classroom-suicide-joke' not too long ago. Suicide is normally a touchy subject.

But I... I honestly don't know what to do. I really fucking hate that I'm so indecisive about this, because something needs to have been done about a year+ ago. I've been working to get both of my parents to stop smoking and drinking for ages, but my methods aren't very good, and I can't bring myself to do the direct approach. I'm sure if I plucked up the courage somehow I could pull it off, but right now it's... not going to happen.

I seriously have no idea to go about this.

STOLEN (damn addictive memes)

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to the page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4-7 sentences to LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest (unless it's too troublesome to reach and is really heavy. Then go back to step 1).
6. Tag five people.

" In one point he was more fortunate than the novel's fantastic hero. He never knew - never, indeed, had any cause to know - that somewhat grotesque dread of mirrors, and polished metal surfaces, and still water, which came upon the young Parisian so early in his life, and was occasioned by the sudden decay of a beauty that had once, apparently, been so remarkable. It was with an almost cruel joy - and perhaps in nearly every joy, as certainly in every pleasure, cruelty has its place - that he used to read the latter part of the book, with its really tragic, if somewhat over-emphasized, account of the sorrow and despair of one who had himself lost what in others, and in the world, he had most dearly valued.

For the wonderful beauty that had so fascinated Basil Hallward, and many others besides him, seemed never to leave him. "

xD Didn't think I'd end up with such long sentences. From "The Picture of Dorian Gray", which I have yet to start for school this year, but... I've got over a month left, so, foo.

Ahh, poor Sora! I hate bugs normally, when they  just buzz around or bite me, but now the poor pooch is getting eaten at the ears by flies! And the ticks, holy shit the ticks. It sends shivers up my spine just thinking of them. Bugs in general, anyway. But we bought some stuff that you normally spray on horses to keep flies, skeeters and such away, but... well, Sora's getting to be as big as a pony, so he should be okay with some horse spray. xD; It worked on Angel when we sprayed her with it many moons ago, so he'll be okay. And it'll help him out. 'Specially since he's been getting sick from the heat lately. D: Don't need to be puking and THEN have bugs bugging you all day. Ahh, I wish we could bring him inside, but that'd make him worse...

Fucking heat. D<

Ha-HA! The computer is mine!

>3 I'm allowed computer privileges again, which is very nice. I've been feeling withdrawal symptoms coming on. *fans*

Children, this is why you must CALL YOUR MOTHER when she requests it of you. Otherwise you will be severely punished. With lack of computer. Sad days.

But I s'pose it was worth it. I went outside more, but I got bit up so much from mosquitoes that I most likely have West Nile, now. And I watched Toy Story 3 on my non-calling excursion, and it was sooo good. :3 I'm hoping we can go again this weekend and see it again, but... who knows? O:

I've started to finally dig into Peter Pan, and I think I like it much more in book form. But the movies still hold a little place in my heart. And I also have to read "A Picture of Dorian Gray" for AP English this summer, which is something I've been meaning to read, as well. Especially after I watched "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". I want to read all those books... Like "Alice in Wonderland" such books, which I also bought. :D Ma-ha.

And I just got so happy I almost cried. Srsly. This picture, my avatar up thar right nao, I've been trying to find the whole picture again for ages. I somehow lost it before, no clue how, but I found it. :D So happy~! It's one of my favorites. Now the problem is that I don't know who the CREATOR is. And I think that's going to be a lost cause.

I must share this wonderfulness with you:

He's so gawgeous. :D


I promised awhile ago I'd show my face around here, just for shits and giggles. Suuu... avert your eyes? D:

It's a bit of an older picture, now, but now there's a face to go with the idiocy. :3

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